Monday, 7 February 2011

A rush of love to the head

Sara Byworth
In among the more serious stuff (such as Champagne), I have been distracted. What I wasn't prepared for in among the more salient production aspects, talking to vicars and romance of it all was to have my whimsical streak tempted by feathered hair concoctions.
                                                                                                  I still have no idea what my wedding dress will look like, besides some tendancy towards silk satins in the exact hue of double cream, with absolutely no diamante: but inspiration came in the unlikely form of a beautiful cobalt and green wing as painted by Albrecht Durer. Then I spotted Sarah Byworth (Associate Director at Relative MO) desporting her unusual headress with pride. And chose to overlook the other, er, interesting guests' guises. A little rootling around on the internet uncovered these lovely things at Pearl & Ivy for just £25 a pop (  This is when all focus on crockery went out of the window.
Hair band - Olive

One of these plumed concoctions was made last summer by my own fair paws. Feathers, velvet ribbon and a clear plastic comb from a local haberdashery, and one headdress later - which I like to think of  as my peasant's crown: made recovered feathers from a befelled Pheasant (I suspect the local fox, rather than rifle-toting country types). It seemed such a shame to leave them scattered there underfoot, their oily lustre and Mitford sisters' country styling on the ground to fade away into mulch...

Ok, so I'll probably end up in some fabulous frock that won't suit such head attire and go with a Jenny Packham medieval-lite gilded band - and I really should get back to the plates and napkins of it all - but they are a ravishing way of injecting some wilder adornments into a traditional get up.

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